Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


The vision of KCT to become a model institute with the rapid developments in Engineering and Technology. Also upgrade the standard of education in backward and rural area.


The mission of KCT is to maintain high standards of education and equip the students with knowledge, skills and competencies which empower them to effectively contribute in the economic and societal development of the nation.


The major objectives of college are listed below: -

  1. To buildup state-of-the-art infrastructure in the form of laboratories, workshops and other facilities.
  2. To establish vast knowledge resource i.e., Library equipped with print and non print media with vast Internet facility.
  3. To attract well-qualified and experienced faculty.
  4. To enhance capability of existing faculty by giving a thrust to faculty development programmes.
  5. Having elaborate plan for arranging specialists on various fields as guest faculty.
  6. Establishing efficient Teaching learning process by adopting emerging trends in ‘Educational Technology Media and Methods’.
  7. To establish effective Industry – Institute Interaction for wider exposure to the students in the form of Industrial Training and Projects.
  8. To encourage ‘student teaching practices’ in the form of seminars and selected topics which are beyond the scope of syllabus.
  9. To ensure overall personality development of the students with exposure to communication skills, professional awareness courses and entrepreneurship programmes.
  10. To establish dynamic placement cell for throwing open maximum possible job opportunities to the students.
  11. Ensuring that faculty and students keep in view their social obligations while performing their duties for fulfillment of above objectives.


  1. Providing excellent infrastructure in the form of labs/workshops etc by addition and modernization.
  2. Up grading library by adding books, journals, better Internet facilities and non-print media.
  3. Conversion of class rooms as high tech rooms with multimedia projection, interactive electronics board with computer interface, wide screen TV and video cameras.
  4. Improving qualifications and potential of existing faculty.
  5. Further automation of office and other related activities.
  6. To create additional facilities in sports and games.
  7. To organize regularly State / National / University level Seminars / Workshops / Symposium / Competitions.
  8. To strengthen the present Placement Cell for providing greater opportunities to the students.