Staff Development Cell

Staff Development Cell

Staff development can be viewed as the activities and programs (formal or informal and on or off campus) that help staff members learn about responsibilities, develop required skills and competencies necessary to accomplish institutional and divisional goals and purposes, and grow personally and professionally to prepare themselves for advancement in the institution or beyond the campus.

Because job descriptions, individual goals and even the mission of the institution, division or department may change, staff development plans will be reviewed on a regular basis. Changes to the staff development plan shall be made as needed. Both the supervisor and the staff member must agree upon changes.

KCT Staff development policy objectives: 

ü   Clarify expectations for the continued professional education of each staff member

ü   Specify the options available for staff improvement 

ü   Make clear the connection between continuous professional development and institutional rewards

ü   Ensure adequate funding for staff development activities

ü   Purposefully determine staff development activities based upon a careful assessment of staff member needs

ü  Employ accepted methods of teaching and learning in staff development activities